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By chrischris - Posted on 17 June 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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HMBA Club XC Race Round 6
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Mens C
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Great to back on the MTB. I'm quite bored of the road...

I can't figure out why, but I just felt shocking today. I have been training well & feeling well in general - but on the track today I just couldn't 'warm up'. I'd slept half okay (considering I have 2 young'uns) & eaten normally. I didn't start out too hard. I just don't know. I still find it really hard to know who is in my grade. Is a coloured arm band system silly?

In any case, great to be back on my fave bike! A little slippery, and muddy in spots. I hope the good weather keeps up.

*PLUG* I did recently purchase some 'Muc-Off' cleaner & it's awesome. So much quicker to clean the bike.

Really looking forward to the Singleton 3hr.

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Great result today mate... If you ride any stronger you'll be top of the pops in C grade Eye-wink

Have you tried gels before and during racing? Are you using a premium electrolyte drink (not any of these cheap things). You may also be fatigued from road riding and not recovering properly before you hit a race event.

Just my 10 bob worth... I have just started using GU Gels and found them really effective when I did the Rock Wallaby. I can give a you link to an eBay seller who supplies these at the best cost I've found even when you factor in his postage costs... They also have long BEst Before dates too...

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I've been trying a few different things... but my best so far is just a normal diet of weetbix & a banana. It has to be a LEAST 3hrs before the start.

My stomach quite likes Staminade. I have no idea how much difference there is between the different brands, but I like it. For a race just over 1hr, I don't think carbo-loading or a Gu would make much difference. But I have used Gu's on longer rides/races & found them very effective.

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Maybe some info on your training schedule might shed some light? Diet?

For such a short race the only taper you'd need on your normal training schedule would be a couple of days, say from Thursday.

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