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Bicycle Film Festival

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By Rob - Posted on 16 November 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

This looks interesting:

Have booked tickets to Prog 4 + 6. They said it's quiet quiet at this stage but not to leave it too long if you want to get in.

Watching We Just Work Here then having a few drinks and some food before Klunkerz sounds like a nice lazy afternoon Smiling

Anyone else?


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Me! I will be there. Smiling

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Thanks Rob, see you there.

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program 4 and 6 for sure, maybe 7 too if anyone plans on attending the after party? or not.

are we just booking individualy?

good find Rob

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Yeah - it was a bit lucky - some other dude sent me the details to be honest, can't take all the credit.

Didn't want to risk missing tickets so booked today, guess that means anyone else that's coming is just booking for themselves.

Prog 4 + 6 is what I've done. Programme 7 also looked interesting, although at over $1/minute thought that money would be better spent in the bar later Eye-wink

As for the afterparty - well, let's see what happens! Laughing out loud

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Unfortunately it looks like I won't be attending the bike film fest. I have two tickets to prog 4 (saturday 3.30pm) and two tickets to Prog 6 (sat 7.30pm) for sale with much regret.

nate 0406 531 632

happy viewing!

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