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The new bog between baileys and bridge on high roller

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By armo - Posted on 19 March 2012

Any glenrock trail workers off in the next two days that need a hand to fix the bog between baileys and high roller before gets worse I can help

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Hope to catch up.

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Was a big job too, thanks Armo.

Still a slight ground water problem which will just need some time to dry.
Would be best if avoided for a day or two - just walk the edge if you must go.

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or a constant runoff from Scenic Drv?

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The water has nowhere to go. Like a sponge or sand on the foreshore; you press it down it comes back up wet, the water rises to the surface.

We have lowered the water table in the immediate vicinity so eventually it will improve but for the meantime it's still a little squishy.

It was a big job and we had to remove a lot of the vegetation on the downside, it's not pretty but should function.

Coupla days - Bewdiful!

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