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MTB's with rhythm

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By Paul - Posted on 10 October 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Late one night in Terrey Hills

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tyre change.
one patch, two tubes and Andrew (sorry if thats wrong) still ended up walking home, and he missed all the other excitment Sad

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That's what I did wrong, No tribal dance to the MTB Gods

Would you believe that over inflating a tube in the tyre and quickly putting the cap over the broken valve gave me enough pressure to limp home with out walking with possibly 10 - 15 psi left at the end. Maby less. Still better than walking.
Stewart thanks for your help.

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Thinking back on this it's a bit lame that one of us couldn't have given you a tube, had I known that's what you were missing I would've climbed back up the hill and given you one of the two I always carry, sorry, feel free to ask around for this kind of stuff next time.

I can't believe none of the people who were up there with you didn't have a spare tube, they were either very unprepared or a bit mean, sorry mate.


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Hey Matt,
Stewart did give me a tube and then preceded to snap the valve of it (kind of funny in a sick sort of way), he also gave me one of his super red patches.
My spare tube that had been in my under saddle bag for a year had two holes in it. Lesson leant.
Every one was incredible helpful and generous.
Lets face it if we were riding some where else I probably would have tried to push on but at that stage I was less that 1km from my house, and quite content to go home to the beer fridge.

Looking forward to the next one.

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Tried his first, rub holes from sitting in his pack so long unused. I put one of my "red devils" on it. Started to inflate to find another rub hole as big as the first. At this point his thinking its a sign from the gods and starts insisting we leave. Give him my spare tube, partially inflate, Andrew and I think Vloker start to fit it. HAve trouble. We finally got it on and the thing looks dead flat, I thought we had pinched the new tube putting the trye back on, but they had dropped all the air back out it to get it on. Start to pump and hand over to BRuce, he likes my pump so much we wants to use it for way longer than he should have needed to but still not upto pressure. I take over again and finish off quickly but then in my haste removing the pump I somehow snap the head off a Tioga Schraeder valve. First time thats happened to me, probably the last time I'll buy Tioga inner tubes again. We did have other spares with us but by now Andrew is really getting the message that the trail Gods want him to head home early so he insisted we all head off to catch the rest of you.

Maybe we all should have listened to the trail gods.

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