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Kenny's Trail Bog

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By cccritter7 - Posted on 18 September 2011

I was riding along Kenny's the other day when i came across the large bog (just after the pipe). It really needs some rock armouring or a ladder bridge type structure. It is not sustainable because trail users are widening it. It is just a pain to get through and it ruins an otherwise perfect trail.

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go up on the top trail-turn left at big gum tree-some nice singletrail you are missing!!!

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only just discovered the alternate track last week myself. always thought they were just entrance points from the highway.

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Funnily enough, there has been a few attempts to close the pipeline trail, but people just seem to want to ride it.

Can't work it out myself, but each to their own.

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Thanks mate. I thought the singletrack went to the road. Cheers

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Put an effen big fence up and reclaim that trail, is the only thing that will stop people using this. The ride I did with Jase and the lads from Singleton, completely missed the start of the bypass trail. I knew where it started.
Mind you the entrance to this newish (lets face it, it is a few years old now) trail, really is very average, at best (read as shite!). It really does not flow. Using the tree to get you around the corner is less than perfect as well. Hang on, can we build a hip off of the tree? Maybe all is not lost!
But on a positive note, that bit of trail is cracking good, but the start and end is crap. Can that concrete abortion be taken out at the end?

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Kill two stones with one bird, by building a bit of a banked corner out of wood, whereby blocking the old trail and leading you into the newish trail!

Not happy with that option? Reroute, so it is straighter entry and reclaim the old entry to the newish trail.

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I hit Glenrock last night, probably the third trip there in as many years, this pipe and the bog is still a problem. I kept missing the turn and took the pipe route each time because that is where the trail seemed to take me. On the third lap I stopped once hitting the pipe section walked back to the fork and took the other route.

What has been used in the past to fence it off?

Even a sign pointing people in the right direction would help (or one of those red cross signs for the pipe section).

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Macr are you serious? The tree roots are awesome, they force you to learn how to shift early and keep speed through a slightly awkward corner, smooth is boring.
That whole loop isn't much more technical than the Fernleigh Track, the last thing you want to do is cover more roots and dumb it down more.

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I ride both the upper section and the pipe section depending on the day. The pipe run still bogs up quickly of course.
I noticed there was some ribbon put up in there a week or so ago, apparently to keep people out. Anybody know who put the tape/ribbon up?

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Would have been put there by Hunter Wate.

I have been told by the NPWS that Hunter Water will be doing some work on the pipe because it is leaking.

The main trail is closer to the Highway so shouldn't be an issue, in fact the closure might encourage more people to always use that trail.

This is a pretty old thread that's been dug up but I find the flow to the top trail fine and can't understand going the other way at all - unless a KOM is at stake Eye-wink

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I ride there with my 8 yr old son and he has never gone straight and always turned left and if you don't like it don't bag it there is flow if you cant feel it then you aren't getting the joy out of riding off road tracks like Glenrock , Awaba and Ourimbah.

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