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Jesmond Mapping Ride

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By Lenny_GTA - Posted on 26 August 2011

Saturday, 27 August, 2011 - 14:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

2 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Meeting Point: 

carpark on Robinson Rd & Newcastle Rd Jesmond/Lambton

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

If you have nothing better to do after the Singo boys skid their way through Glenrock leaving a trail of destruction, broken bones, bikes, reflectors and bells, join RobbieO and I on a mapping ride of Jesmond.

Meeting in the small carpark at the bottom of the hill near the football/cricket oval at 2pm.

Ride pace........slow (I'll be there).

Who's in?
Lenny_GTA, Hop fiend
Lenny_GTA Hop fiend
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Awesome ride today with RobbieO. I'll definitely be heading back in for more of an explore as looking at google earth, there is a heap of stuff we missed between the hospital and Jesmond. I'm sure me missed a lot elsewhere as well.

All up around 17km was covered today, mix of singletrail, management trail amd random bitumen paths in the middle of nowhere.

Once you get into the trails, there is evidence in the Jesmond area of an old walking network. Nice trails that don't seem to get much use from anyone. A few random signs, but not enough to navigate from.
Old Walking Trail Sign

We rode up this trail, that turns out to be a locals DH trail. Would have made much more sense heading down. Not a tough DH trail, and cetainly nothing that can't be traversed on a standard trail bike, but a lot of fun with some steep rocky bits.
Stump DH Trail

Over in the Rankin Park side of the bushland, far from houses, roads or anything really we came across this sign. No evidence of the trail it blocks being used recently, we didn't bother having a look, but it was really weird to see a sign like this so deep into the bushland. The sign seems to have been respected though.
Rehabilitation Sign

Maps of jesmond, first one is todays ride, the second one was a hand drawn map posted on the GTA last week. Looks like we missed a few trails just north of the hospital, so another explore is in order.

Jesmon Trail Map (very incomplete)
Jesmond Bushland Cycling Trail Map.

we are going to plan a group ride through Jesmond in a few weeks, so keep an eye out, but it is a fun place for a spin. Can't believe its been 15 years since I rode there.

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Nice work on the mapping.

Do you reckon that the city of Newcastle, actually spent a red cent on rehabilitation?

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Hard to say without actually having gone down the trail to see what was at the end.

The Council seems very keen on formalising the trails and holding events though. I think they are more keen on the area north of the hospital for riding. Not a huge amount of trail there (what is there is a lot of fun and quiet technical in spots) but there is a lot of potential and great terrain on offer for some additional trail. Now I have finally mapped it, I'll be back talking with them this week.

I sort of see Jesmond as needing a couple of climbs on the perimeter to link with the multitude of descending trails. Even taking away the RTA corridor, the area while small, could be a really nice little area. If you include the other areas, the options are huge.

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If they add some tunnels, there should not really be a reason that you can't use the West side of the park allowing access. Plus a couple of tunnels like the one at the bottom of Stromlo, would make a great feature.
A couple climbs of different gradients, like snakes & ladders and even something longer, would be great. Maybe the longer climb at a lesser gradient.

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The road though effectively blocks moto access though.

A few years back when we first talked with NCC about it, they suggested an underpass on the road.

Seperate issue though, one of the things NCC were wanting was a race in the park. Not sure that is feasible with the current trails. We will see I guess how keen they really are.

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if they want a race, we will have to build some trails of course

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Just raised that with NCC today, will be interesting to see what comes back in response.

Does anyone know the history of the derelict walking trails in there? Some serious work went into them at one point.

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You mean the circuitous route, that goes past the waterfall (for want of a better description)? All the times I rode there, I think I only saw one walker appreciate the trail. It is not a bad bit of trail to keep for mountain biking. The rocks at the falls area, add a challenge.

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That's the exact spot Macr, cracking bit of single trail.

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it is just as good

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How many Km's in that 17 would you way are backtrack over a trail you just rode type riding??

I'd be interested in seeing how many k's there are in there that is continuous riding.

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Last time I rode there, there was a bit of back tracking. Definitely as continuous as Glenrock. I feel that there would be a bit of trail work to improve climbs and make a continuous circuit.

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If we could get 10k's worth of continuous trail it could be a pretty good spot.

I've only been in once for a quick look and it seemed like dumping stolen cars was the main use of the place so I lost interest pretty quick.

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How much continuous trail you could get is going to depend on whether the lanbd on offer is just north of the hospital, or extends right through to Rankin Park.

I had a look last night at the mapping done, and staying north of the hospital you could currently do around 7km's with no back tracking.

With a little bit of tweaking to allow a proper climb, not a vertical rutted mess, and a couple of small linkage trails, 10+km's is very much acheivable. Add in the Rankin Park area and it starts to blow out. The hard variable is the RTA corridor along the western edge. It will isolate some of the areas, so in my planning I have been trying to avoid those areas.

......'s picture

5 k's of technically difficult and physically demanding trail would be great. 10 km's of smooth easy to ride woudld be fine, 7k's with a little of both would be killer

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I can't edit my post from before, but it should've read, "definitely


as continuous, as Glenrock".

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Don't back track now Macr.

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I had to backtrack, as this forum, won't allow continuous editing!

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Looking to find locals to show me around this track as it will be my backyard soon will be able to ride here in about 3 weeks perhaps after finished moving into our house

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I haven't ridden there for a while, but now the last stage of the Inner City Bypass has funding, a number of the trails are on borrowed time.

Great fun though, and hopefully a few of the trails are outside the road corridor.

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It's too confusing for me, little tracks that dart off everywhere but yeah there is some cool stuff in there.

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