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OK, I know I am getting soft

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By ps - Posted on 20 July 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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Unlike Gazza I turned up and raced. Wasn't sure about the weather so went with long knicks and a woollen undershirt and ended up being warm despite the 13 degree day. It stayed dry the whole race and we even got sunshine for the last hour so the track just got better and better.
Needed to use the portaloo but with a long queue would have missed the start so took up a position a few rows back from the front and waited for the gun. Got heaps of traffic on the first lap as we caught the backmarkers from the 8 hour race. Had a clear run on the second lap and was getting more confident in the new schwalbe front tyre as the track dried and I got used to Awaba. Was enjoying the hills and single track although was finding it hard to drink regularly without slowing down significantly.
Wasn't feeling the best so stopped in transition each time after the second lap and eventually had to use the portaloo. Wasn't keen to rush back out for two more laps so hung around and went out with about 40 minutes to go. Timed things well and heard the commentator call the time limit as I rode back into the car park area.
Overall not my best race but Awaba's a pretty trough track and I wasn't prepared properly for a tough day.

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