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First 4 hr race

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By Lach - Posted on 18 July 2011

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I'd only been to Awaba once before and had forgotten how much climbing there is there. Four laps in four hours + had me pretty well spent. Stacked on the first lap coming into the downhill left hand turn just before the cinderblock descent (wet, greasy, going too fast after finally getting past some people, slightly aged Kenda Small Block 8's) and lost my chain and a bit of confidence. Then at my "pace" it was a bit hard to keep a rhythm going once the faster riders started lapping, as there are so few spots for an easy pass. Most were great, but had a couple decide to pass before announcing or giving me the chance to call which side, which resulted in a near miss or two.

Nonetheless a good day out and a great credit to the HMBA guys and Rocky Trail. Only real criticism was that the coffee and food guys weren't there before the start! I could have done with another coffee after the early get up.

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I passed them in on the way in about 8.00am I think they were set up just b4 the race start as I walked thru transition after the last rider friends had there coffee in hand & was still hot .

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They were definitely there when I finished, but I don't know when they got set up. There was nothing there when I registered, so finished getting ready to ride without a coffee. Probably cost me a few places on the first lap - yeah, sure..... Smiling

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