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World DH Champs Live TONIGHT

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By Squidly Didly - Posted on 09 September 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

One for the night owls...

For those interested, the 2007 World Downhill Championships in Fort William, Scotland will be broadcasted live from 11pm this evening until approx 3am.

Bandwidth is expected to be chewed up, so we've got links to 3 different feeds for the big race.

Full details here:

Best of luck to all the Aussies over there. Lets see how many medals we can ride away with this year!

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Same time as the rugga... but luckily the tv is close to the puta...

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haha puta in spanish means slut/whore... sorry random comment it just made me laugh when i read it.

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Didn't I get them wrong...

If you aren't watching yet, do it now!

MTBCut seems to be the best feed

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The Aussies retains the #1 spot...

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... for those that missed it early this morning

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That's high speed in the wet, fantastic having Sam win again. Thanks Squidly for posting it:-)

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