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cool downhill

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By leximack - Posted on 05 September 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

for the downhill types

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thats insanely cool!

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Yes but death awaits for those who hesitate and I don't have the balls for it - literally Eye-wink


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Rock it yeaaah! that is some great Freeride!!(at the risk of starting up the whole DH vs FR crap that is going on).

I think that it was shot somewhere in europe as there is another clip on youtube with the guys doing high fives and talking in german?? or some european language.

Anyway, i am off to go and build some skinnys now!!!

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Mate, that is some wickedly cool footage, and the equal of most of the tarted up stuff you see on Roam and Crank. Those guys are getting massive air. The jumps that land on a wooden pallet ramp are especially difficult - the landing is on a narrow strip of wood. Get that wrong, and its a long way down to earth, with a thud! Or snap. Or whatever.

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both those videos were insane!

its funny how all good Liams think alike: i was thinking to myself how rooted you would be if you missed the landings on those skinny pallet ramps as well...

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Yes, that is true most of the time, but sometimes I have been accused of not thinking at all Eye-wink

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