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Squidly diddly

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By Flynny - Posted on 01 September 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Go Squid Go

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Thanks Flynny!!!

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Was that a broken chain? Nice! Laughing out loud

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Just crank spider, chain ring and bash guard (lived up to its name)!

Here's Brad showing how I was meant to do it...

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hey squid, what happened at awaba? i saw the farkin thingo about a devastating crash ending the race early...

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In that photo, the rider's weight is not rocked back as far as I would have thought. Is that normal for a DH rider? Squidly? I also would have thought you would squat down a bit closer to the frame too, rather than standing higher in the pedals. What is the correct technique for that? Admittedly, you can't see how fast he is going - that may influence things as well.

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That is Brad in either practice or qualifying and he is styling it up a bit for the on lookers.

Up until the weekend, when qualifying times had to be used for the result Brad had won 11 or 12 straight State races including 3 Champs so he know what he is doing.

In a race run, to keep the speed up the good riders will "squat" the jump, suck it down and keep it low and straight as it helps reduce wind drag and get you back on the ground pedaling smoothly.

Wouldn't really rock any further back as that would put you into the dreaded "Poo stance"... Bum back, knees spread...

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I like that. i'm gonna use that one. The saying that is- not the stance hopefully

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(Which clearly hasn't translated to practice...) And he looks damn near perfect to me. Squatting at the start of the jump and extending off the ramp, weight evenly between the wheels all the way, great arm and leg extension to get an extra foot and a half of suspension, front wheel down marginally first and compression for a smooth landing. Ticked all the boxes and he is my hero...

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to my last jump, but I did have a bit of a poo thing happening just before I put the 3 breaks into my collarbone.

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