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crazy bike messengers

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By leximack - Posted on 24 August 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

check these crazy bike messenger dudes out

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Man, I found myself cringing at some of those turns and gaps these guys were taking... who needs a metre to get through traffic!

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what a bunch of tards lol

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The original version is here

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Are you a busy person? Wasting time on your busy commute everyday? Need more time in your day? Then do what these guys do. Save hours a day by riding amongst the traffic on pushbikes using as much risk as possible.

I found it interesting that the New York motorists / cops / bus drivers all seemed to accept this behaviour without much of a response. On a Sydney street, abuse would be hurled at them for sure. Although for New York traffic, it seems pretty light. Maybe it was a weekend.

It is only a matter of time before one of those guys gets killed or maimed. Would anyone cry over that event?

I'll stick to the technical off road riding. It's far safer there. Eye-wink


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To say "would anyone cry"!! Erm, just anyone half way human. I dare say these guys get hit far less regularly than the average cyclist would.

Pretty cool stuff, I loved watching the way the guys kind of swoop into their turns to get extra grip, which must be how they manage such sharp turns in the traffic. I would've loved to see how the guy on the fixie with his feet off on the bridge at the end stopped! Wouldn't fancy putting feet back on, I hope there was an uphill at the end!

Keep em coming,

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Matt couldnt agree with you more, i found this vid very entertaining. I actually have another one tucked away somewhere on a backup disc. Will try to find it, what gets me is that this vid is actually an annual race that the bike couriers have and they have to go to certain areas in the city and get a card punched....i'll have a look for it tomorrow and try ti post it.

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These races happen in many cities including Sydney. You'll be surprised at just how much fun they are but local knowledge is the key as there is no set course to each checkpoint. Most of these guys are couriers (obviously) and you can understand the skills they gain by spending 8+ hrs on a bike each day. Good on them for getting paid to ride.

ps. the Guy at the 3-3:30m mark is on a fixie as well. Respect

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