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Bike Football? Radball?

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By Rob - Posted on 08 August 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Thanks to Flynny and Matt O for these...


A game:

This is apparently 'Radball'... looks like a quick way to gain a few injuries to me! Eye-wink

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That is do they do that!

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The guy doing the wheelie bar spin in the first movie gets me every time. I use to be able to pull a reasonable one handed wheelie on the old fixie but no hand looks like a short cut to no teeth!

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the no 10 had to many kransky's and beer's....
but he is very good on the bike, respect!

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That's truly brilliant!

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So much for the excuse 'I have the wrong bike'! Eye-wink
What kind of bikes are they using anyway?? They look a bit like my grandmothers old bike (if she had one) but I am sure they are super high tech and I just can't see that Smiling

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they are just basic fixed wheel jobs. they look to be modified to have the seat much further back than would be normal and those handlebars are plain strange

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They are specially made bikes for the job, unsurprisingly no one out side of Europe gets involved with indoor cycling. Caro you don't fool us with your naivety, the Germans are mad for it.

The World Championships will be on in Switzerland in November - not to sure whose on the Aussie team - Flynny this might be your chance.

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Stevens, Cube, nicolai, Storck, Corratec, Felt, Fat, Poison, Canyon, Steppenwolf, Kraftstoff and KTM ( Austria)
and and, and , I think it is the old guy down the lane!!!
or the ...Swiss.. have it:


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if we are made for this why can't I ride like that then???? Eye-wink

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That is the question... Eye-wink

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