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By Tony_ - Posted on 01 June 2011

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I like it-well done!!

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Have third degree burns in the back of my eye balls.

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love it

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I like this, it's ok but the colours suck!

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Don't think it fits. the original idea of calling ourselves the GTA was to form an "alliance" with other trail users. We were aware that if we separated ourselves from the other users we would be a weaker group. I think the logo should be all about glenrock not about MTB at all.

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I like the text, but the background need not be there.

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what if the numbers on the T were the merewether or Newcastle postcode

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Or the year the GTA was established.

EMPY has a nice looking logo based on the 5c coin. He is having it tweaked but it could be a really good option as well.

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What a picture of the Queen! Who would want a picture of the Queen as a GTA shirt? Sticking out tongue

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& you get?

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I was being silly. Note the tongue sticking out on my post. Looks like this -> Sticking out tongue

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some of us would give our heads to Queen & country to release some sweet singletrack to be ridden!!!

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