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GTA Jerseys

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By Lenny_GTA - Posted on 24 May 2011

Had a chat with EMPY today and one issue that came up was the potential for us to put together our own jersey.

Not sure is people are interested in a riding jersey, but if people are (I would wear one) then maybe we could do a pre-order run where we order what we need.

So, who would be interested and does anyone have a design they would want to throw forward?

Long term we could perhaps do this, with t-shirts, to raise trail building money. In the short term though I would suggest we just do it to cover costs so we don't have to worry about handling money.

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I would definitely wear a GTA jersey.

......'s picture

anything with rainbows and uniciorns would be nice

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Sort of like an episode of My Little Pony's?

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proud of our area

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I'd like one too Smiling

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Can anyone design one, or multiple jerseys, so we can pick something we like.

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I was thinking along the lines of a design with the veiw of the "Sitting Tree" on Buckshot with the ocean & lagoon in the background.

Johnn's picture

A homage to the Paka Waka:)

......'s picture

NPWS employee, MTBer, Walker, horse rider, orienteerer all holding hands skipping into the sunset

T's picture

Refresh you left out one trail user from your daisy chain, Mini-motos!!!
Im in for a jersey.

......'s picture

oh yeah. And a mini moto on fire in the background

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Spoke with the guys at Drift and they are cool to do a draft design for the jersey, if we don't mind a small drift logo on it somewhere.

I've got no issues with this, and I certainly can't design a jersey myself. Anyone got any thoughts on this?

As an aside, what price would people think is fair for a jersey so I know what I am looking at when I chase suppliers?

......'s picture

$75 seems to be a regular price for custom jerseys on some of the blogs i read.

I think a plain and simple design is always good. I'm not a fan of the "team" look jerseys, I'd go for a plain single colour with a stripe or 2 and a GTA logo on it.Bit like some of the simple Twin6 logo's

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Are any colours relevant to the GTA? I have seen the trail fairies in their canary yellow t-shirts on build days and whilst I think all those fella's are complete legends, I would not be disappointed if we did not use that colour. I always reckon blacks and reds look good together. As far as a design is concerned, I have got nothing. Does the GTA have a logo of some sort? Might be cool for someone with some artistic flair to design something we can use for this type of thing. Regardless, it is a great idea and $75 is a bargain I reckon. I personally would not mind throwing in a bit extra to put into a funded barbie or even to pay for the jersey's of the core guys' who have done all the hard work. It might go a little way to easing my guilt for not having chiiped in at a build day.

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they have templates on website,but do to limited computer knowledge did not know how to go any further to print out or do a draft sample???

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I'll have a look and see. But maybe if a few people have a play to see if anything cool comes of it. I have a few ideas myself. We do still need a logo though.

Colour wise, I initially thought yellow but then questioned how it would hold up over time.

Black with yellow trim could work.

Black and Red looks like being the base of the new HMBA jersey. Not sure if we want to avoid that, but I do like that combination.

Hop fiend's picture

something to do with the ocean?

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Had a look. I liked the designs of the womens jerseys. Seems to be a bit more subtle then the mens.
I assume that what we are after.

Hop fiend's picture

sites too

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Yeah I don't really go for 'team' style jerseys either. I like th 'Primal' style and have don't a couple of draft designs before then had them 'proofed' by a designer.

I'll see what I can come up with.

......'s picture
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My ideas revolve around some south American football jersey's so maybe I should sit backmand let the artistic types design. Never was a strong point of mine.

We still need a logo though.

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on that too!-lack of computer skills means Microsoft Paint is giving me the sh$%s!!!

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I would be avoiding verticle and horizontal strpes no matter how good the Argentina Footaball Jersey looks. Not all of us can carry it off!
The training jersey looks good.

......'s picture

My vote is for a Single colour. I think fancy designs date. Big gta logo across thempockets at
The back and maybe the tree seat on buckshot across the back of the shoulders.

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i'd definently get one. maybe have different styles.(XC, DH etc.)

richo's picture

I'm with u but id like a pic of the picnic table with the sun coming up over the horizon,id say it the best know location in g/rock

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Tried to upload an idea for the logo, but had a hard time with it.

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The you can host it on this site or elsewhere, then copy the link and paste it into your post.

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I created a misc. gallery for those wanting to throw ideas together:

You can just upload into there and then link to any post here with [image:XXXXX] where 'XXXXX' is the number after '/node/' in the URL. Put " size=inline" after the number if you want a slightly larger image than the default thumbnail.

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Lets try again.
Nothing special, but it might be something to get the ball rolling.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Yeah I would wear one too. A good idea. Have a mate too involved in BMORC (Blue Mountains Off Road Cyclists) that is always throwing around stickers etc. See em around on bikes, helmets, cars occasionally. Good PR.

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Yeah me and my family would all get one (5 people)

the thing is that you have make heaps of sizes

Theres a place I know in glendale that does t shirts and embroiding and that sort of thing ill try get the details
they did a pretty good job on my 2010 school captain shirt

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