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HMBA XC Round 4

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By troubledutchy - Posted on 11 May 2011

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HMBA Club XC Round 4
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D Grade
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First race, second time on the course, not a bad result i thought. C grade next time me thinks

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well done Dutchy ,def C grade next time or we will have to call you a sandbagger Eye-wink

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I started racing up there but seemed to be clashing with the rounds lately. Next one I'll be racing the Husky but then hopefully free after that. I race C grade as well.

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Well done - that's a good result for your first race so I bet you can't wait to do it all again. So here is the information you need...

The next HMBA club race at Awaba will June 19. The race originally scheduled for May 22 has been cancelled because the club is running the Paterson Kona 24 hour race. This will be held at a relatively new track at Paterson and should be a lot of fun - get some mates together and enter at I think entries close in about a week and there are still a few places left.

Then in July we'll be busy again. July 16/17 will see the Rocky Trail Entertainment events held at Awaba - the 4 and 8 hour Grand Prix series on Saturday and their Lifecycle series on the Sunday. Then the following weekend, HMBA goes on a road trip for the club race. The July race is scheduled to be held at Singleton and will be a 3 hour race. Should be good riding the new trails up there - it's always good riding somewhere different with good people.

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Went up to Awaba for the first time today. Wow, great track. Well done to all concerned.

We did 2 laps of the red course. First one was low ~53 mins, second was just under 50 mins. (Less tech stops* 2nd time 'round)

Steven P, what would you rate our our level of awesome at? Thinking of doing the June race...

* technical stops- halting progress to re-hydrate and adjust blood gas concentrations. Eye-wink

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Pancakes, judging by your level of enthusiasm for Awaba, I would have to say your level of awesomeness is very high. Definitely get along to the June club race - you will more than welcome. I would suggest you have a go at D or maybe C grade for your first race, that will then give you a good indication of how you compare to others. Typically C grade will do the red loop, and D grade will do the blue loop which is shorter and misses out on camelback hill. Our XC co-ordinator decides on the day how many laps each grade will do.

Hope to see you there.

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