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awaba super happy fun zone

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By craked - Posted on 30 November 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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Spring Fat Tyre Festival 2010
trainings optional
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Threes Open
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Great day Indeed, all ran smoothly for our team a few minor transition hicups and an off for me on my second lap but still managed 36.55 being my slowest lap and my fastest a 36.25,pretty pleased all my laps were within 30 secs of each other. Smiling
Thanks to Brian and Tien for being great team mates and thanks to Brians folks for the hospitality.overall a terrific day with some great riding on
what I consider the best XC track in NSW, can't wait for more.
Well done to all the mobers who competed and especially the junior winners awesome effort.

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Craig, you past me as we rode up a climb. I was grinding my way up only to watch you fly past me like a freight train. You had your race face on and was hard on the wheel of your next victim ! Sure was a great day. D-on

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Craig was a machine and so consistent. Must have been those power naps he was having between laps Eye-wink

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30 sec difference between lap times? that's what I call consistent, amazing and well done!!

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Ha ha Tien would come in and wake me up and I would jump out of my skin . Smiling

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consistent laps are the sign of a true racer! not sure about the napping tho? could have invented a new strategy there!

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