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Next GTA build day location.

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By Lenny_GTA - Posted on 15 August 2010

After this weekend successful build day we are now at a point where we can look to move to a new section of trail to work on. At bit of a discussion was had at the end of saturdays works to see where we go from here and a couple of trail locations were suggested as being the potential focus for the upcoming build days.

- Suess Land (ruled out as the NPWS will likely want to supervise this given the prevalence of threatened flora adjacent to the trail corridor).
- Lower Kenny (where the trail splits into either the steep chute or the alternate line)
- Upper Jumping the gun (to fix and/or reroute around the ever present bog holes).

If you have any suggestions on location post them here, or if you have ideas for the above (excluding suess land for now) then throw them up as well.

Once we know where we are working and what we are doing we can look at planning materials, dates, etc.

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There are so many places that need work that I don't know where to start. My wish list would be something like:

It would be great to see Shaft tidied up as this would finish off a nice BJ's - SH - Suess loop.

It would be nice to finish off the rock armouring and tidy up work on High Roller so the BJ's - SH loop is then done.

I'd also like to see a sustainable trail linking from Gun Club Rd down to the management trail. Reason being is that I like to climb up Baily's then do BJ's, SH, Suess, Shaft (and then usually loop over to the South via fernleigh track and ride Bus Stop followed by the climb up Dudley Dorights). At the moment I'm getting down using snakes and ladders which I understand is meant to be a climb, but TBH is kind of sucky either way because of the condition it's in.

Probably just suggested enough work to fill up the forseeable future....

I'll happily work on whatever you guys decide on though.

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Actually its interesting you mention the trail linking Gun Club Rd to the Management Trail. Your not the only person to mention this in the last few weeks, and to be honest its not something I had really thought about. I'd always looked at upper world cup as serving that purpose.

I've spoken with mick about this, and we both would like to think that the upper portion of the garden path (aka berm track) could be retained and linked with the management trail. That would give options as with it heading down and WC heading up.

As for the rest of the trails, I would like to see Upper and Lower Kenny fixed as a priority, but as you state, there are so many things to be worked on that you could start anywhere.

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I haven't ridden Garden Path for ages (12 months probably). I vaguely remember it being a big of a mess like most of the trails over that side so haven't bothered to go back. I might have another look because I like the idea of more descending options.

I use WC to climb back up all the time. It works well with the loops I ride and at around the 50km mark is a pretty easy way to get back up the top.

Another suggestion if there is any way to keep some of the trails to the right of GC Rd, is the top section of Dippers. I quite like riding the top section, hang a left and come back up the side of the quarry.

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I'm thinking that most of the trails in there that need fixing are not going to get a great deal worse in the short term (ie upper JG, high roller) however i think that spots like the alternate line on upper KW is getting pretty run down. I followed a couple of riders down it a week or so ago. They were dabbing, and locking up wheels all the way down. Maybe we should identify those areas that are at a greater risk of damage from those of us that have a little less technical experience that should be looked at next. I'd vote for Shaft, KW alternate line,

I agree with the dippers idea as well. That trail heading back up the quarry is a nice challenging little climb. Not difficult, but there are a couple of little pinches that get you on an SSer

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Had a scout of shaft yesterday. At the end of the plateau after the short rocky climb on shaft there is a chute that is getting wider, and more rutted. I had a look around and found an overgrown rail siding that could be used as a switch back traverse down the slope. I'll take some photo's next ride and put em up. I'm thinking we might need to think about using this siding to divert the trail down the hillside. Wouldn't take long.

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