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Lefty's unite! The new scalpel...

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By Hans - Posted on 16 July 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Check out the 5 lefty's in a row...

The new 2011 Cannondale Scalpel - Introduced with a beautiful accent. Eye-wink

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Bike porn at it's best! Eye-wink

@ Hans - Not so sure I'm a fan of the green accent, would prefer red & white... Sticking out tongue

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I want one Smiling

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Roel may not be introducing more Scalpels in the near future!

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clomiphene's banned if there is little evidence of its being performance enhancing?

More information to come out, no doubt.

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I've never understood it but a lot of the LBS's stocking Cannondale's have been prone to be shying away from the Scalpels and been pluggin the Rize's and RZ's.

Scalpels, yes are designed for racing but the specs are pretty impressive.

Wierd food for thought ....

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To be honest, your average punter, especially in Sydney would be far better of on a 120 or 140mm RZ. Scalpel are the 'race' model. They are for hardcore racers or smooth flowing singletrack. The later of which we have... erm... none of in Sydney Sad

Oh wait - we don't have anything but firetrails here do we? In which case a hardtail will do, eh?

Please excuse the dig at the local authorities. Or is it the state authorities? Either way - LBS owners could do a lot worse than support local trail advocacy issues as it's in their best interest: if we did have some smooth flowing single track then they might sell more Scalpel like machines!

Oops - end of off topic rant! Eye-wink

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I would like a Scalpel as well but that would never get approved Eye-wink

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