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Free MTB Movies

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By Rob - Posted on 09 April 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

For those with bandwidth and time to kill, a few free & legal downloads are about:

STUND VISIONS "Bringing the wheels to the web". These guys appear to be taking a winter break, but the 5 shows up there are well worth a watch.

Pinbike Videos have a whole load more trailers and stuff too.

Noticed this today, BA have a link to a top short (16 min) movie up on their site for download:

Perspective 2 - Rise of the locals (Actually hosted on Farkin, 280MB Quicktime). Some nice local (Northern Beaches) scenery in there, and some skilled rides doing their stuff.

Enjoy Smiling

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Have you seen ?
Heaps of stuff on there, from hi quality trailers to personal helmet cam trail vids. All varieties of riding too from DH to MTB Trials riding. Definitely worth a browse.

Note: although it is mostly setup as a "streaming" website all movies do offer you the option of downloading the video, so you can watch it either way you like.


PS: thanx for the Perspective2 link. Will download it at home later. Eye-wink

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Scroll down and have a look at this "Cam McCaul shooting for NWD in Washington"

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WOW! That is some wicked riding. The guy must have massive kahunas if he is doing backflips. And how cool does that trail look? I also checked out some of the other videos there. They are pretty cool. Thanks Stu!

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There is also a great step down back flip on his myspace page

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TRA from posted this one.

It is highres and a huge file but all I can say is Wow!!!!
Right click and save as

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Here's a helmet cam of Drews race run from the Nowra state round.

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Check this out


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Reminds me of a another great ride set up by LORD GROOVER...let's do it again soon!

C'mon John - how about another guided BM ride in the next 3-4 weeks?

This Video / Gallery below brings back great memories: (shame that Youlube removed the soundtrack)

Rgds, Hans
May all your lines be the right ones...

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Flynny got the shots (thanks) Smiling at the huge night ride last week, all local boys out for a blast and that's what we had. Those trails are so good at night I didn't want to leave, I felt like I could've ridden all night.

Hans, we should do another day up here soon they are always good, I've had something on most weekends for while so haven't been posting anything, as well as needing to do some serious kms for the 12 hour in Aug. and the Scott in Oct.

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