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More uses for concrete blocks - drainage

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By Lenny_GTA - Posted on 11 July 2010

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now that's thinking outside the square!

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Is someone involved with the Awaba track maintenance a professional track builder as there are some neat ideas out there. The other one I like is the concrete blocks on the side where it's steep. They give good traction and hold up to erosion. A whole lot better then wooden planks (like at the dam that become slippery as with the slightest bit of moisture).

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No professional builders in the HMBA awaba crew, just a bunch of dedicated people who love to build and ride. Where possible we stick with the IMBA guidelines but occasionally, like the block chute, an alternate solution is needed.

What you see out there is just a bunch of people bouncing ideas around and it seems to work well.

It's amazing what a bit of common sense in trail building achieves.

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very good idea, although i reckon a mesh screen over or inside the concrete block should prevent large objects getting stuck in the drainage pipe.

Great Work Tho!!

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Works great, fill with blue metal aggregete to stop leaves and dirt blocking drain allowing water to drain

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I reckon if you put aggregate in it or mesh over it, it will silt over after any decent rain. Best to leave it clear to drain as quickly as possible. Part of any on-going trail maintenance will be keeping it clear.

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I can't help thinking of the possibility of someone stacking it right on top and losing a hand down it.

Just throwing it out there...*shrugs*

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The blue metal aggregete still allowes the water to drain fairly quick, i have used it behind retaining walls before, safer and less maintainence than a open hole

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I have a stack of civil experince, mainly in drainage and bridges.

If you use free draining material behind a retaining wall (to reduce hydrostatic pressure) you wrap it in a geofabric to prevent silt getting into it, and provide holes in the wall for the water to get out. This will extend the design life of the drainage structure. Note it only extends. Agg in a cage is not maintenance free.

Drains required maintenance. If you fill the concrete block with blue metal it will collect silt, and leaves and block. Leaving it open allows it to free drain and possibly self clean in a heavy rain event. Maintaining it will be a pain in the arse.


I think the XC work at Awaba is excellent. I think the way the track has been developing is amazing. The flow is now sensational. I think it is the fastest flowing single track near Sydney. I do find the steep section running down with the concrete blocks a little steep but I'm guessing the flow imeaditaley after it has been improved since the last time I was there, as the build team there seems to continullay tweak it. I think Awaba XC is the best trail to show a group of Sydney councilors as an expample of what can be done. It's built very sustainably.

I'm hoping to plan a ride with some mates (and Hans and anyboy else interested) at Awaba some time soon, long enough ahead so we can get our passports stamped! Might do another movie of the place. I like that it's not to hard for us old guys to get up the hills. Its a bit more leisurely than Ourimbah.

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With your civil experince and good freehand drawing that gives your advice credit plus you ride a great bike.

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It's the pics of the sun that makes it professional. I also draw a mean Iggle Piggle and Upsey Daisy haha.

You have a great bike too!! Have you been tempted to drop the handle bars down a little? I recently moved some spacers up the stem.

It's pretty unlikely somebody will put a hand in there. I just rode for 3 hours on single track and firetrail and I didn't touch the ground once, and I'm no pro. I did see lots of holes and stuff that I could stick my hand in if I really tried.

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