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Another BLOOT favorite

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By Andy Bloot - Posted on 23 June 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Whistler - how hard do these guys shred it

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I would love to go to some of these places.

BUT, given my lack of skills/experience, I would be crapping myself one of these blokes were coming down behind me.

Is it just me who looks for the b/c lines when watching vids like this??

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You know by the end of Seasons I had my fill of awesome riding and this clip always seemed a little contrived. Seeing it in isolation shows just what good riding is in it.

And no ae93gti I never look for the b/c lines... but that is a really funny idea. I just know that b/c lines would still be way beyond me!

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... word:


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Great video, thanks for posting.

It looks like some of the single track trail surface has been sealed with bitumen, pretty good way to prevent erosion on highly used sections I suppose. I wonder what the general vibe is about this, it would increase (slightly) water run off, and the dirt purists might scoff at it?

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