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Weed Removal

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By Lenny_GTA - Posted on 21 June 2010

I was thinking at the last build day how nice BJ's would be without the bitou and lantana. This got me thinking about the GTA semi regularly spending a few hours removing the offending weeds and taking carriage of the care of that part of the park.

Are others keen on this idea? Maybe the build day on the 17th July could be changed to a weed eradication day.

I've contacted parks about it, but I think we already have the ok to remove weeds.

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With weed work we don't need any tools, just gloves, so we could all just ride in, meet on site and work for a while.

For the bigger clumps we just need one person to bring some cut-and-paint gear.

Makes the whole thing a lot more casual.

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If that one person brings the beers and barbie we can make it real casual..

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Do NPWS allow us to use herbicides in the park?

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Can use 'cut and paint' method only, no spraying. Volunteers need to have also done a weed/native plant ID training day with the NPWS and/or Trees in Newcastle(TIN), we have that training on certain days.

Also the work has to be done only when we've notified NPWS of our intentions, ie. on workdays as posted here.

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My 2c.

It seems to me that we've got a mountain of trail work to sort out and I'd prefer to see that get priority over weed clearing.

The last few build days have given me a great feeling of real progress and it'd be a shame to lose momentum by getting distracted.

Could the weed clearing wait until the major trail issues are sorted?

It'd be great if the NPWS would let those interested in clearing weeds in to do work on an ad hoc basis but from the above it seems that's not the case??

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NPWS haven't really offered an opinion on this. I just thought if we got in and did some work like this it would take some of the amunition of detractors away. You know, being seen to care about more than just the trails we ride.

Personally I don't think the weed clearing days need to be as big a day as the buid days. More ride in, work for a few hours and move on.

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Are we getting any negative feedback? (other than the various moaning about every trail not being a gunbarrel straight DH track with a 60ft gap jump)

Is the 17th going to be a weed day or a build day?

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As I posted on the calendar, at this stage I can't make it so would prefer to put in a bigger trailwork day on the 3rd of July.

So I think that leaves the 17th as a more basic miantenance/weed removal day, it's up to Lenny and the people who want to turn up.

I'll start another post in volunteers.

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Browney, the only moaning being done by downhiller's is that we are being kicked out of Glenrock altogether.

Considering the area the bitu and lantana covers, what will be done about soil retention etc.

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That comment wasn't meant to be taken seriously....

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