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By Empy - Posted on 31 May 2010

For those who have been coming along to the trailwork days I’d like to create an e-mail list so I can inform you directly about upcoming workdays, events and to discuss proposed work.

This would be mostly for the regular Trail Crew, but if you haven’t been coming and would like to be on the list you can be.

I already have some details from previous e-mails and supplied details so I’ll include those people. If you don’t think I have your details send me a personnel message with your real name and your direct e-mail address, or you can let me know if you don’t want to be on the list.(To PM click on my avatar)


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The best way to do this is to create a group on this site and ask people interested in helping out to join that. There is a feature where group admins can email all users in a group - just what you need?

Groups are listed here:

To prevent abuse this (creating a group) isn't an open feature, but as you can see, have created a group for you. I'll speak to the boss about giving someone admin rights to send those emails.

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a treat joined the group

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At this point the group is set up so that EMPY or myself can get out messages to people signed up that are interested in build day info.

If you know anyone else that might be interested, get them to sign up. Even if they never visit the site again they will at least be notified of build days when they are locked in, or any other important info that we need to get out.

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If people from the regular trail crew would like me to e-mail them directly, or directly contact me about trailwork, you can still PM me and I'll add you to my own list, thanks.

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I'm finding the irregular, all day trail work sessions a bit tough to get to. If they happen to fall on a day that i have something else planned, I miss out, if not, then i have to forgo time with my family (which I would prefer not to do). If i miss 2 in a row, there's 4 months that I haven't been able to attend a trail day.

I'm wondering if we can have some more regular, maintenance sessions that are maybe shorter in duration, but held more regularly, alternatively, could we do a thread that is something like a ride thread in that a GTAer posts that they intend to go up to do some work. That way others can tag along if they want.

I think having big long days are great. I don't mean to suggest that we change altogether, however i do feel a bit excluded from the process at the moment. I have some ideas and opinions about works that need to be done, however i don't feel that i have an avenue to put these thoughts out there as I can't always attend the build days.

I think that if people like me have the opportunity to either arrange for smaller groups to go out for shorter periods of time, or tag along with other smaller groups, then those that have the trail building experience (experience comes from making mistakes, and I've made my fair share)can pass the experience onto others.


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Look to be honest, I struggle sometimes to make the bios days given the notice isn't always well in advance. That is unfortunately the nature of the beast in lining the major works up with NPWS. I also find it nigh on impossible to get a full day leave pass fir these build sessions.

Maybe what is needed, in addition to the current days, is a regular (say monthly) scheduled mini maintenance day where routine works are carried out for 2-3 hours. Being regular, people can plan ahead and being shorter in duration more people may commit. I'd be expecting these days would be based around de-berming, drainage, general tidy-up, pruning or even weed removal. All stuff that needs doing.

The big days we currently have are obviously still needed and can perhaps occur on the scheduled days if they fit in.

Any thoughts on this?

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Maybe you could make use of the upcoming extra daylight?

A couple of hours of digging mid week, followed by a night ride?

From my point of view the great disappointment has been that I can't participate in any physical way due to the fact that I work weekends.

So another opportunity for the shift/weekend workers to participate, even if it's just a casual thing like refresh says...would be cool...

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The regular/irregular trailwork days has been a problem. I’ve tried to align our work days with the major works, the NPWS machine work and the availability of materials. Sometimes I don’t know this until it’s about to happen, but I still think this is the work people are most interested in doing and certainly where we need the most manpower.

People who come along on the day don’t have to stay all day, an hour or two is fine. In fact if everyone who rides Glenrock did one hours work a year that would be enough to maintain the whole park.

People who have done their NPWS volunteer paperwork and have come along to at least two training/work days can always go out by themselves, with friends or a group they organise through the GTA.
But they will have to OK this with Lenny or myself first so we can inform the NPWS.

I can then organise tools for you and advise a worksite.
You can pick your own worksite if you see something that needs doing, but we need to co-ordinate that into the bigger picture so we don’t waste time working on something that’s going to be completely overhauled in the future.
You will also only be able to do basic work like puddles, tree pruning and closing short-cut lines.

I know it’s difficult for some people to make it to the trailwork/training days so if you contact me I’ll try to meet up at a time that suits and go through the formalities with you.

We do have to maintain a certain standard of work with NPWS and also for the work to be sustainable and worthwhile.
Basically this is one of the problems we face; that well meaning people go out and do sub-standard work or work that doesn’t fit into the works planned with NPWS.
So some training is needed and we can provide that as well.

We do want more people involved and there is heaps of work to do so I’ll do whatever to get volunteers out there.

I have put this info up before but I just had a look and it’s on the old forum.

Anyway if anyone is interested PM me or ring on 0418282785.


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Just found it now, I transferred it over from the old forum.

I still have trouble finding stuff on this forum.

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I'm not sure if I'm still on the email list (I haven't received one for a while) from the start of the year (or last year?), but I'm moving back on the 11th November and am hoping to jump in the deep end straight up. Have joined the forum group and would love to stay in touch re: works!

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If matty is let loose with a shovel.............there goes the neighborhood.

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I knew you were away.

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Neighbourhood was overrated anyway!

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