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Glenrock Build Day - 29th May

Lenny_GTA's picture

By Lenny_GTA - Posted on 29 May 2010

1st berm on BJ's

pikey's picture

In that pic.....nice butt!

Oh and Berm!!!!

Harry's picture

posting after 10pm (too many reds) again?? You need to come up and ride Glenrock.

Hop fiend's picture

now is heaps better & techy

Empy's picture

I agree Robbie, but funny some of the more XC riders are saying it's too difficult.

Good to see we are now getting some variety.

Hop fiend's picture

rode it once & nearly went OTB so have a serious case of the yips!!

RobG's picture

It rides really well on a mountain bike.

Lenny_GTA's picture

I stopped and watched the other day trying to work out why so many people seem to be bitting their chain rings on it.

It took a while before I realised my lack of a big ring is probably why I have never hit one.

Meh, its not a green trail, its not supposed to be easy. Its more visually hard than technically hard. I think the fall away from the trail on the left is what does peoples heads in.

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