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Proposed Works to BJ's

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By Lenny_GTA - Posted on 16 May 2010

Thought I would start a thread to discuss the works to BJ's. If you've got anything to say/suggest let it out.

I'm intending to have another walk of the trails on Tuesday with EMPY and Fairy to look at the trail closely so I'll list what I think needs to be done after that.

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Just to keep the ball rolling over here I'll copy over my post from the old forum;

On Saturday 29th of May we will be working on ‘The trail formerly known as BJ’s’.

So we can get the best and most popular result lets throw the discussion open now and get some ideas on the table before we start building.

Just remember there are restrictions on what we can do while working within NPWS guidelines;

We must stay within the existing trail corridor

The trail and all it’s features must be safe, (ie; rollable)

The end result must be sustainable - this is not just for NPWS but for us as well, we don’t want to have to keep going back to fix things.

My thoughts are to fix the berms and make them more sustainable, add more features to the straight sections to give a more consistent rhythm.
At the moment it’s got fast straights and tight corners, it would be better if the whole thing flowed at a more even tempo.
I’d like to see some technical features with alternatives – harder/easier – faster/slower - to make it challenging for riders of different skill levels.
Also the rock step-up at the start will have to be fixed to make it more sustainable. Love or hate it, it’s falling apart and we don’t want that.

Overall here I’d like to say that whatever we build should be better than what we’ve got now.

PS; I’d like to think that as we fix these trails we can come up with names that more suit the ‘new’ trail. One day these trail names will be on maps and signs so I think we can be a bit more creative and have something we’re all proud of.

We’re still searching for a new name for ‘The trail formerly known as Shit Happens’

I’lll start a new thread for the trail names so please put any suggestions there.

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I'm looking forward to the revamped BJ's. I can see that when I am finally back on a bike I will get stuck in a loop going down BJ's, up "the trail formally known as Shit Happens" and across "Highroller" to go again (maybe with an out and back on Suess land to mix it up).

Opening the berms up should be easy enough, adding some technical challenge should be interesting as we will be retrofitting the trail, but I think it is achievable with some real thought.

Real shame this rain didn't fall in the lead up to the build day though.

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Yeah would have been perfect to build this weekend. So what are the thoughts on whats going to be done to BJ's?? Is it just going to be a matter of opening up pre-existing berms (all the right handers) or are berms going to be added to all the lefthanders? I think something definately needs to be done to the last corner down the bottom (lefthander). The brake bumps are getting worse and worse, making it hard to control speed and keep traction. Maybe a banked exit or a full on berm? You can get a bit of speed before that turn but as you come around it, it saps all the flow.

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Unfortunately nothing was ever done to that last left hander when the rest of the works were done. It is definitely on the cards though.

As for the rest of the trail, all the berms and flat turns are up for review to make sure they work, as are the traverses into them. A lot of work really needs to be done to make this trail what is should be.

I know EMPY wants to put some interest into the straights as well as sorting out the berms. I think the trail filter and entrance to the trail also needs to be sorted, so there is a list of things to be done, that I am sure will grow as others have input.

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