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By Lenny_GTA - Posted on 16 May 2010

This little part of the world has been dedicated to the GTA Volunteer Maintenance Group to discuss works, trail suggestions or build days. Build days will be posted in the calendar and listed on the home page.

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Hi Sammydog I should be able to build in about a month and I have been walking through all of the Glenrock trails as I have been unable to ride. While walking through I have noticed some small parts of trail I find slightly awkward and some a bit dangerous for novice riders. I didn't want to post anything while I was out of action as I thought it would be a bit rude to post then not be able to help.

Could I possibly post photos in the next few days and comment on what I think needs to be done? The main thing I am not a fan of is a straight bits of downhill trail with a rock on the inside forcing people to skid and ride a sharp radius instead of sending riders on a slight detour(?) before the corner to slow the rider.

I'm very sorry I haven't been to a build day in a long time, I have been off the bike for most of the last eight months and am pretty keen to get the rust off my shovel.


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Fairy you know I still try to organise people with work, on their own if they like, whenever. It doesn't have to be build days.

You can PM or email me with your suggestions and I'll check them out.

Thanks for the interest and good to see you back.

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Cheers Mick, I have scoped out Twisties it will only be a couple of days work in the rain to get the corners and drainage sorted.

You will get an email with a bunch of pics with arrows on them in the next few days, I will try and point out where they are on the map.

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Hey, new to riding Glenrock and I wanted to know the etiquette for cleaning up already marked trials, burms, features etc? Am I going to annoy anyone for maintaing what is already there?


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Hey Chubbs,

To do unsupervised maintenance you have to have logged 50 hours of maintenance with the GTA.

This can be done at GTA build or maintenance days, or by doing general maintenance with someone else with the 50 hours. The hours have to be logged with the NPWS.

We didn't make these rules or numbers up, they are guidelines from the NPWS to try and keep some control on trail works.

If you have works you want to see done, by all means post it up here and hopefully someone will join you, and once you have hours logged, general maintenance is possible.

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Thanks for getting back to me Sammydog.
Hopefully I can find someone keen, which forum would be best to post in?

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You can contact me directly, with a PM, and we can discuss how to get this happening.

I normally organise the volunteer work days but we are at a bit of a standstill at the moment mainly because of what's been happening with the NPWS and their focus on closing trails in the southern area.

We are in the process of pushing for some changes in the way the Plan of Management for Glenrock is applied.
Hopefully this will be favourable to the way we do trailwork.

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Ok then, so while the GTA waits for the PoM or whatever comes next how about some trail maintenance days?

There are several opportunities for routine maintenance of the existing trail network to be done, some of which are in great need of doing as evidenced in posts/threads on this very forum. For example, the tree that has developed a 'b-line' at the top of It Happens that seems to be causing some trouble with people (obviously core GTA members) posting signs at that location. The very bottom of Shaft just before the treatment works fence that turns into a bog hole when it rains (who cares if it's not technically NPWS land or whatever, we ride it therefore it needs to be worked on). BJ's could do with some love, and not just the bottom left hander (but that'd be a good place to start). And many other spots I'm sure.

This might help to get a few more people accredited to do maintenance work on their own (get up their 50 hours as per NPWS requirements), because as it stands with one 'build day' every couple of months it'd take someone an entire year to make 50 hours of volunteering up (assuming an 8 hour day each time which is unrealistic, so more like 2 years at an average of 4 hours a time).

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I have not seen you attend one build day yet! & we have had days where "trail maintenance" is all that was done!-may I ask what has wound you up???

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But I think that may be your default position.

Build days, sure I have not made it to one in a while, but have a look through some photos, you'll find me standing in the background, next to Jacobs in some even.

What has been done, on the whole, is not 'maintenance', it's trail building (in my opinion). I was referring to maintaining ruts, cutting off the b-line on It Happens you hate so much (I hate it too, but I go about showing my displeasure quite differently to you), and maybe cutting some lantana or other weeds that grow over the trails. Small change stuff, stuff that doesn't need the mechanical carrier you love to drive, and rocks and dirt to be delivered in advance, stuff that could be done by whoever, whenever (but they aren't allowed because they have not got 50 hours up).

But RobbieO, chill out, opinions that differ to those that are your own are ok, they are the spice of life.

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Me & Chubbs(Lewis) went & did 2 hours of trimming back on Q-loop as Chubbs wants to get his hours up.

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But if nobody else knew it was on then they couldn't come along and help (assuming they could or wanted to), and as an added bonus get their hours up too. We don't want the GTA to be a closed 'club' do we?

I've suggested to Lenny, several times, a standard monthly maintenance/build day be established. Possibly alternating between Saturdays and Sundays, so as to give more people a chance to attend (e.g. if you work every Saturday you'd never be able to make a Saturday if that was all that was on offer).

These days could be run/overseen by anyone with their 50 hours apparently, so it wouldn't all fall on Mick to organise (unless he wants it that way). More people might get involved due to having more opportunities to get involved, and the trails might just stay in better shape too.

Just a suggestion, but I'm throwing it out there just in case it has legs.

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Sat. arvo's work for me during summer-but all I will be doing is mainly trimming back with clippers & shears.

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About all I'm good for. Sounds good.

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I am up for some regular trail maintenance. I won't be available for the next 2 weeks, but after that I am keen. Why don't we just post our ideas for work here, see who is keen, set a date and organise some supervision for the day. We don't need alot of people, less is best.
I would love to fix up Twisties, and it would be an easy place to start. I work shift work and won't be able to do weekends untill Jan, how about
Wednesday 27th November all day on Twisties?

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New volunteer ready to help. Keen to get some 50 hours so can work on the trails I use most.

Where do I need to keep an eye out for maintenance days?

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Are posted on this forum in the 'Upcomming Rides & Dig Days' on the home page.

We just haven't been doing much lately because of the major changes in policy and direction from the NPWS regarding Glenrock. You can read about that - Here

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