Q. Who is the GTA?

The GTA was started in Nov 2004 by a few Mountainbike Riders who were concerned about the future of Mountainbikes in Glenrock following comments made by a ranger in the park in 2003. We currently do not have an elected leader of any sort (we are all just riders like the rest of you), nor is there any plans to do so in the future. We do however try and bounce our ideas off as many people as possible, hence this website and forum.

Following the original negative comments, we contacted the NPWS and decided to try and inform as many park users as we could contact.

We include both members and non-members of the Hunter Mountainbike Association, several bike shops also frequent and contribute to the GTA and have since grown into the community known as the GTA.

In researching Trail Advocacy we have been in contact with Mountainbike Australia, IMBA australia as well as the groups responsible for retaining trail access in the Royal National Park, Manly Dam and Mt Cootha in Queensland. Hopefully we will be able to draw on the collective experiences of these groups while feeding back our experience to enhance trail advocacy in australia.

It is hoped to have as many riders as possible contribute to the thought process of the GTA.

Q. Has the GTA established formal links with NPWS?

The GTA established formal communications with the NPWS in early 2003. Since this time we have been in constant contact with the NPWS resulting in mapping existing trails in the park and more recently major trail maintenance.

The GTA has been involved in the consultative committee providing input into the draft POM for Glenrock. GTA members EMPY and Sammydog are the members to speak to about this comittee, see the contacts page to get in contact with these reps.

Communications will continue in order to ensure Mountainbiking has a sustainable future in Glenrock.

Q. I have noticed some trail building / maintenance is still being carried out in Glenrock. Aren't you calling for a moratorium on this? Is it being done by GTA or others? Does some of this work have approval by NPWS?

It is highly recommended that no trail building/construction occur within the park other than sanctioned GTA/NPWS build days.

Trail maintenance is currently being carried out by the GTA on known problem areas of the trails. The GTA has negotiated permission to undertake routine unsupervised maintenance of trails. Larger works are to occur on organised build days. To find out more about maintaining the trails please go to the contacts page and contact Mick or Lenny.

Q I have noticed a badly eroded corner, dangerous jump etc. Should I fix it myself, or should I try and get the OK from NPWS first?

It is important to note that at this stage tht maintenance can only be carried out by authorised members of the GTA. Being caught doing these type of works will most likely result in a fine if permission has not been granted. To find out more about maintaining the trails please go to the contacts page and contact Mick or Lenny.

It is also important to note, that if maintenance works are undertaken on a trail, they should not be done to alter a line because you find it hard to ride. Maintenance should only be undertaken to repair erosion and runoff issues. It should be noted that if a line needs to be altered in the interest of sustainability, this should only be done after consultation with NPWS and the GTA as a whole.

Q. How do I obtain a map of GTA's proposed XC loop

Maps of the trails can be found on this website.

Q. Where can I get a copy of the current plan of management (POM) for Glenrock

The current Plan of Management can be obtained from the NPWS website, http://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/PDFs/pom_fin...

Q. How can I contact NPWS myself to find out more about the POM and other developments?

The National Parks can be contacted on 4984 8200.

Q. I've noticed lots of other people doing the wrong thing in Glenrock (moto riders, people with dogs etc.) Why are mountain bikers being singled out as a more of a problem?

The NPWS recognise the destruction caused by Moto's and dog's etc. You can help with the moto problem by reporting any motos you see with the following details (Rego, location, time, type of bike, etc) to the NPWS on 4984 8200.

Unfortunately the NPWS is not resourced to a level where it can undertake a constant monitoring of illegal uses of the park.

Mountain bikers as such are not being singled out as a problem. The review of the Plan of Management (POM) will serve to re-evaluate and rationalise all recreational use of the park.

Q. Are there plans for public meetings / submissions to NPWS, and is there a timetable?

As a part of the Plan of Management process (POM), the NPWS will undertake a public notification period during which all members of the public are able to respond in writing to the draft POM.

It has been indicated that prior to this occurring a series of public workshops are planned to discuss the recreational future of the Park with all interested users.

It is strongly encouraged that all riders participate in this process.

Q. Do you shit yourself jumping the creek jump, and what approach line do you take to minimise the brown streak?

Shitting your self is not advisable due to the increased nutrient loads this can place on the natural environment, not to mention stress on the washing machine at home.

To minimise the brown streak, try going around the gap until your ready to take it on.

To help in reducing the proliferation of trails, please avoid all straight lines and consider spending 5 minutes blocking them off.

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