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GTA History

Early 2003 – Comments from Park Staff that “you guys won’t be in here much longer” were made to sammy, prompting discussions to start with NPWS about their intentions.

18th Nov 2004 – GTA Launched with online forum. Intent of the GTA was to give the mtb community of Glenrock a voice while also providing a space for riders to discuss issues and be informed of the progress of the fight.
10th December 2004 – Volunteer Trail Maintenance first discussed with NPWS.

2nd Feb 2005 – Mapping of Glenrock undertaken with NPWS and the GTA.
12th Feb 2005 - EMPY steps out of the shaddows and joins the GTA after having his own discussions with the NPWS over the preceeding 5 months.
17th April 2005 – Rock at the top of the trail feature on BJ’s removed and the line bagan to degrade (just threw that in as 5 years on we are now able to fix it)
11th April 2005 – GTA advised volunteer maintenance will need to wait until an Access Strategy is complete.
11th August 2005 – Meeting held with NPWS, Matthew Morris (state Member for Charlestown) to discuss mountainbiking in Glenrock.

March 2006 – Signs erected around surfers walk by NPWS warning of fines and jail terms in response to trail proliferation in the area.
3rd May 2006 – NPWS issue a press release regarding illegal trail construction in response to recent trail construction in the park.
22nd May 2006 – 60+ riders meet at Cardiff RSL to discuss the Mountainbike communities concerns about glenrock and its future.
25th June 2006 – NPWS host a community forum to discuss the parks use by various usergroups. Mtb was very well represented in this forum. Lenny (Sammydog) and Mick (EMPY) were elected as mountinabike representatives to the Glenrock Consultative Committee in planing the draft POM.
July 2006 – GTA fight reported on in AMB
22nd September 2006 – Consultative Committee meets for the first time.
22nd November 2006 – NPWS install the trail head noticeboard for the use of the mtb community.
28th November 2006 – GTA present Mountainbike POM proposals to the NPWS
14th December 2006 – Indicated that the Royal National Park only has 6km’s of National Park and that glenrock may not contain any more.

24th April 2007 – Meeting with NPWS (Sammy and EMPY) to try and get some of the “contentious” trails reinstated. These include BJ’s. High Roller, Suessland and Shaft. Discussion also held around Surfers walk and the Scout Camp Ridge.
1st June 2007 – Meeting with GTA, NPWS and Heritage Reps to discuss shaft and Lower Kenny Trails. Shaft and Suess Land confirmed as being back on the table.
8th June 2007 – The idea of constructing new single trail on the landfill site is raised with NPWS.
4th September 2007 – No bike zone renamed “conservation zone”.
25th October 2007 – NPWS approach Glen Jacobs and World Trail.
26th October 2007 – NBN run a news story on mtb in Glenrock and the POM. EMPY interviewed.

2nd Feb 2008 – World Trail begin a Trail Audit of Glenrock.
March 2008 – Local NPWS staff attend the IMBA tracks and trail conference in Brisbane
15th August 2008 – World Trail report delivered.
7th October 2007 – GTA meet with NPWS to discuss Baileys Swamp
7th November 2008 – After consultation with the GTA, the NPWS begin works on Baileys Swamp to make it an all weather section of trail.

16th Feb 2009 – Draft POM officially launched.
March 2009 – World Trail undertake works on Twisties and Dip, BJ’s, Mud Jump and Second Quarry.
14th March 2009 – NPWS hold meetings at Gun Club to discuss issues and the POM with the mtb community,
21st March 2009 – World Trail train volunteers on trail maintenance.
April 2009 – Mountainbike Australia publish a story on Glenrock. Sammy’s ugly mug published.
1st June 2009 – POM Submissions Close.
29th June 2009 – GTA made aware of complaints against mtb riders crushing reptiles.
6th October 2009 – NPWS tidy up BJ’s in preparation of a visit by the NPA.
27th Dec 2009 – GTA starts Facebook page to reach more people.

6th February 2010 – First volunteer maintenance day.
April, 2010 – IMBA visit Glenrock
5th May 2010 – Glenrock article on the IMBA Australia website
December 2010 - Glenrock POM adopted

29th January 2011 - GTA begins work on Double Barrel (previously known as Upper Jumping the Gun)
3rd May 2011 - World Trail Visit for 3 weeks and rework Shaft, Seuss Land, Snakes and Ladders, Buckshot and the Tip.
7th May 2011 - GTA tree planting and weed pulling day on the newly renamed "Double Barrel" trail. Upwards of 30 riders help the NPWS and Trees in Newcastle plant trees and remove weeds on the trail corridor.
18th June 2011 - GTA commence works on the construction of "The Chute" a-line on Kenny's trail. Rock is hauled manually from the Pacific Highway to make this happen.
10th August 2011 - Trail Head signage installed at four locations. The main sign at Gun Club Road, with smaller trail head signs in Bailey's Precinct, Yuelarbah Carpark and off Fernleigh Track.
27th September - Installation of the directional Totem Poles begins, completed in the second week of October.
15th October 2011 - Official Opening of the Glenrock Trails along with the NPWS Family Fun Day and GTA's hosting of the first mtb race in Glenrock, the "Glenrock and Roll Hillclimb Timetrial", contested by over 50 riders.

12 February 2012 - NPWS advise of southern trail closures to begin inline with the POM.
15th February 2012 - GTA and Glenrock make NBN news again on the issue of DH trail closures.
7th April 2012 - NPWS and GTA discuss continuing issue of riders descending Snakes and Ladders. BJ's slated for temporary closure to allow machine work to finish off the trail.
4th July 2012 - BJ's trail reopened following machine work and GTA volunteer days.
17th August 2012 - Glenrock receives a CMA grant to fund works on Grass Tree and Shaft.
5th September 2012 - Redevelopment Plans for Grasstree posted for comment and feedback.
11th September 2012 - Night riding in Glenrock featured on NBN news.
2nd November 2012 - Grass Tree Works begin including direction change.
5th December 2012 - NPWS purchase a power carrier for the use of the GTA.
9th December 2012 - NWPS/GTA christmas party on the trails.
14th December 2012 - Grasstree climb work begins.

3rd February 2013 - Planning begins for a rider forum with NPWS and a descending trail.
15th March 2013 - Machine work on shaft begins.
June 2013 - Rider forum held with NPWS.
1st September 2013 - Results of GTA rider survey published. 242 riders participated.
4th September 2013 - Rider Meeting to discuss GTA

September 2014 - GTA Incorporated
29th September 2014 - First GTA Committee Meeting
11th October 2014 - Kenny's Rut bypassed
13th October 2014 - GTA Feature on 1233ABC's Hunter A-Z

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