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About the GTA

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About the GTA
The Glenrock Trail Alliance (GTA) is a volunteer driven group that was formed in November of 2004 with the aim of giving the mountainbike community in Glenrock a voice and a means to communicate amongst each other while presenting a single unified voice to the NPWS as land manager and custodian of the little patch of land we love so much called the Glenrock State Conservation Area.

This formation of the (GTA) was prompted by some throw away comments by some NPWS staff 18 months earlier and the open dialogue that flowed from it. We have aimed to not only advocate for the continued use of Glenrock by Mountianbike, but to also educate the land manager on what we are really about and how trails can be made to be sustainable if the will is there.

Our ultimate aim is to see a sustainable and enjoyable network of single trail not only legalised, but also maintained in a sustainable manner, within the park. We believe this can only be done through a sustained open working relationship with the NPWS.

The GTA welcomes the input, feedback and even constructive criticism of users of the park and hopes that other land managers will view our achievements and collaboration with the NPWS as best practice in the sustainable management of maountainbiking in NSW.

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