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Rd 1 - Rocky Trail MTB GP Series 2010 - 4H+8H

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By trailbunny - Posted on 18 March 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
Saturday, 3 July, 2010 - 09:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

8 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
Awaba State Forest
Meeting Point: 

Just up Jenkins Road from corner with Mount Faulk Road. Check out our rider briefing on our website for more information!

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

Rocky Trail MTB Grand Prix Series 2010

4 and 8 Hour Race Series 2010

Come on tour with us to some of the most popular MTB tracks in NSW & ACT! The Rocky Trail MTB Grand Prix is back and we have added an 8 Hour racing option to keep things interesting!

Race formats & teams 2010:

GP4 – the popular 4 Hour endurance race to catch the racing bug
Categories for male, female, mixed (if appl.): Solo, Pairs, Teams of 3, as well as Junior Team of 3
GP8 – a popular 8 Hour race duration for all you endurance junkies out there
Categories for male, female, mixed (if appl.): Solo, Pairs, Teams of 3, as well as Junior Team of 3

Note, when you register a team and you don't know the names of your racing mates as yet, please enter their names as “TBC” and you can update your registration at a later stage, before race day.

Race times:
Registration 7am-8am
9am Race start for GP4 and GP8
1pm Race finish GP4 – 2pm Ceremony
5pm Race finish GP8 – 6pm Ceremony

Race locations:
Round 1 Awaba Sat, 3 July 4 + 8 hour race
Round 2 Yellomundee Sun, 8 August 4 hour race only (day after the 12H race)
Round 3 Wiseman's Ferry Sat, 18 Sept 4 + 8 hour race
Round 4 Mt Stromlo (ACT) Sat, 20 Nov 4 + 8 hour race

Events entertainment:
Come out for a day of pure racing fun – the Rocky Trail event centre will be buzzing with music and commentating action, hearty food, coffees & energy drinks will be on offer, and thanks to series supporters there will be heaps of prizes too!

MTB GP Series points accumulation:
To qualify for overall series points & wins, riders need to complete (1) at least 2 races of 4 in the GP4 events and (2) at least 2 races of 3 in the GP8 events.

Racing fees:
Racing fees start at $70 per solo rider in GP4 and $80 in GP8, respectively. Team entries start at $43 per rider and we also offer significant Junior Team discounts.

For a complete list of racing fees, more information regarding location, event schedules, sponsors and supporters, please go to our website. We will keep updating rider briefings and newsflashes as information becomes available before each round!

Check out the Rider Briefing:

Click here to REGISTER NOW for Round 1:

You can actually register for all 4 rounds already. The links are at

Who's in?
GAZZA, trailburner, trailbunny, CROMERBOY, muvro, Gazpics, ADtheglorious, nessB, boaty, craked, CharlieB, richo, Tomojo, nix85, spokey (15 riders)
GAZZA trailburner trailbunny CROMERBOY muvro Gazpics ADtheglorious nessB boaty craked CharlieB richo Tomojo nix85 spokey
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
craked Awaba Finished 04:27:07 15 GP4/Male/Team/2 6

Were you there and have a story to tell?

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craked's picture

anyone camping out at the track? i know it will be cold but that has never stopped me before,would it be acceptable to have a campfire?

ae93gti's picture

Blast, had to pull out as I won't be fit for it as had to have an op to reattach a tendon in my arm after a small mis-hap at Manly Dam.

Hope to make the next one though.

Good luck to all attending, enjoy.

richo's picture

Looking for to this.... when do you guys know what loop we will be riding on the day ?

ADtheglorious's picture

Yes it'll be cold, think I'll "camp" somewhere with heating and a bed, anyone got any ideas of what's around hotel/motel style?

hawkeye's picture

@ae93gti: that doesn't sound good - what happened? Sad

ae93gti's picture

Not as ouch as you'd think as at no point did I feel like I needed any pain killers, you know what they say, "no brain, no pain"

Near end of second lap of MD on bit of single track, (only second time I've done that), thinking I'm going to set my PB, then bump left handle bar, start off into trees, throw left arm out and wrap it around a tree to stop myself and pull tendon off forearm cause you're probably not supposed to stop yourself (90+kg) with one arm wrapped around a tree at something like 15+km/h........

So, Coles*, doctor, ultrasound, doctor, surgeon, within a couple of days and it's re-attached, still wasn't particularly sore, but couldn't rotate it much. That was 5 weeks ago. Have most movement back, still a bit weak and uncomfortable, but on the mend and should be back on bike in a week or two although probably not off road for a week or two after that.

An interesting experience, not one I'd like to do again, but given some of the other injuries around this place, including yours, one of the less dramatic but still immensely annoying ones. Annoying cause there was no way I could get back on the bike.

It has made me think, but it's unlikely to slow me down too much, I guess most people here have been there in some way.

* Coles was my first stop (once I got someone to help me put the bike on the roof) to buy a bag of frozen peas to put on arm while going to doctors Smiling

nix85's picture

@ AJD, totally agree with the heating and a bed idea!! im looking into some palces in morissett....did c a self contained cottage in morisett for $99 a night i think it was a 3 room place ...though im thinking motel style... n morisett is only about 20-30 mins from awaba or so tells me...
@ae93gti, thats gotta hurt......ease ur way back in..... but ur first ride will feel like gold (ive was recently off my bike for 2 wks from a knee injury) first time back on was like home!

ae93gti's picture

hehe, it really sounds like you've caught the bug!

honestly tho, it didn't hurt as much as it sounded, definitely uncomfortable, but not so much as you'd lose sleep over which is always a good test of how painful things are. I had 2 nights before surgery so I got a good chance to test Smiling

I did a couple of ribs back in Feb and that hurt an awful lot more and there was nothing anyone could do about it not to mention the sleep I did lose over that........, I was however only off the bike for 2 weeks

As an aside, you don't hear too much good about hospitals, but my experience at Royal North Shore Emergency on the Friday, then the surgery and night in on the Sunday was very good. Everybody was friendly, I always knew what was happening as I was informed by the nurses and I was lucky enough to be in one of the refurbed areas.

nix85's picture

hey its nice to hear something but RNS for once...considering i work there Smiling tho to tell u the truth most patients dont have problem as much as the papers make it out to be!!....ive definately got the think ive gone a little crazy but eh! i bet ribs hurt....laughing n coughing probably became ur enemy with bad ribs!! n yeah its neva a shocker if u can sleep i definately agree with that one!

Dicko's picture

Which loop will we be racing on red / blue / yellow ?

Also - in a team of 2 or more can racers race concurrently ie more than 1 racer on the course at the same time ?

richo's picture

Please dont be red...not a fan of that big hill

trailburner's picture

The mad pinch (I guess it's the red loop - I only heard rumours and haven't seen it myself yet) most likely won't be part of the track. If you ride in a team then it is 1 rider out on the track only. At timing/transition zone you pass the baton over to the next rider of the team. However you can do as many laps as you want before passing over. See you all out there!

Hop fiend's picture

goes away,as Awaba was in great condition before this rain

Tomojo's picture

i just entered Sticking out tongue. gonna do the 4hr
hope the rain goes away tho :s

richo's picture

Did a few laps today a few puddles here and there the trails seem to be handling it ok ...was raining when i left though

nix85's picture

so glad rumour says its not the red loop cause i have never ridden there but i have only heard bad things about that hill and hills are not my forte (unless u mean going down them Eye-wink )!! c u all there.

Scottboy's picture

room for the night I will be brave like the others & sleep in my car brrr, I will have doona & sleeping bag

Hop fiend's picture

seems to keep going up & up & up,but it will only be half its size when we finish the new track after the next build day.

craked's picture

anyone for a sighting lap on friday afternoon probably about 4.30,or maybe a bit later with lights.

Scottboy's picture

not sure what time I will be getting there . I would love to have the day off work & get up there b4 lunch but that won't be happening

bluray's picture

I'll be out there earlier for a friday arvo ride, probably about 2ish should be just finishing up around 4:30 unfortunately.

nix85's picture

yeah same here im for a sighting lap around 230ish, as well hopefully...thats if i manage to leave sydney on time and all......

spokey's picture

I am a newbie, this is my first MTB race/event. I am entered in the 4 hour and excited but nervously underdone!
Assuming the Blue loop is the course what is a realistic expectation of laps, how fast do people lap at?

I am purely entered for the experience, but am keen to see what I am capable of.

I welcome any tips or advice.


craked's picture

spokey best bet is to just take it as comes, dont go in with expectations ,start out easy and judge it as you go if your feeling good push it a bit but dont wear yourself out trying to make pre determined lap times,you will have more fun this way.

richo's picture

This being my virgin race too I'm thinking half hour per loop including drink and fuel stops ? so maybe 7 to 8 laps depend on how my fitness holds up ...

muvro's picture

How many kms is a lap? How does it compare time wise to the Dam?

Tomojo's picture

there is a red (hard) blue (medium) and yellow (super short+easy)
im not sure which loop we will be raced on, but it will probably be the blue one, i think its about 9 km.

heres a map

a lap takes anywhere betweeen 25-40 mins depending on your fitness level

muvro's picture

OK cool, thanks for that. Gives me a good idea. So, I guess around 40 mins at the dam is equivilent to 28-30mins at awaba?

spokey's picture

For the advice. I have no real expectation. Just looking forward to solid day riding my bike with like minded people.

It should be a great experience.

See you all on the track Saturday

ADtheglorious's picture

i'm keen to have a poke around on friday, just not sure what time i'll get there but i'm hoping for a mid afternoon arrival, i'll be in a white SUV riding a black stumpy, if you want to say g'day?

As for your first event, depending on your fitness, just set yourself a goal of doing maybe two laps then taking a break, don't worry about the actual lap times, get off the bike for 5min eat, drink, stretch then get back on and go for another two laps, that would put you somewhere around/past the halfway mark and just see how you feel when your coming up to complete each lap.


Hop fiend's picture

of lap seems to me to be harder,middle is real flowing and final part hardens up a little but overall still not hard for a middle aged overweight Asthmatic like me when riding an "All Mountain" bike.

Scottboy's picture

there as a Marshall & maybe sweep the course a few times as my profile pic says , come say hi if we haven't met & I will try to make your day as comfortable & enjoyale as you make for the newbies & experienced . I will most likely be wearing a safety vest & a Jetblack cap.


richo's picture

Any one camping i suggest you bring two sleeping bags it was -1 on wed morn @ 7am brrrrr

muvro's picture

LOL, I was thinking tonight about how cold it was going to be. two bags, packed. and a blanket, plus eleventy-billion layers of clothes. -1, damn!!! haha

Tomojo's picture


you wouldn't happen to know what loop we'll be raced on do you?

will it be the same as the club races or incoprorate the whole lap to accomodate for the traffic?

i want a nice place to put my esky Sticking out tongue

Scottboy's picture

I will know the same as everybody else , if you are heading up soon Rockytrail organisers should be there now i'd hope , sorry can't help you out till tomorrow morning

Tomojo's picture

dad can be my eski now that his brakes are toast, therefore he can only spectate Sticking out tongue

just make him stand near where the wooden berm used to be, i was hoping to get out there today, but unfortunately had not transportation

cant wait to see the trials demo, looks pretty good (what i saw there last weekend)

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