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High Tech

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By Bernd - Posted on 14 January 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

high tech look out........

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Necessity is the mother of all invention. Plus, a little bit of advertising!

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Bit of explanation? What's it for and what's it made of?

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Its made of the water pipe that his company imports from Germany and sells here, leaves copper for dead, sorry if your a poor old Aussie miner, no offence intended.

Whats it for, well its his made lockout, cheaper than a new shock I reckon, just don't ask him where he keeps it when he is descending .

The other shiny thing keeps rocks out of his spring

Matt's picture

...on the lockout, save to say your frame warranty might not be worth the paper it's written on!

I've also seen a similar crud-guard for a coil rear made from a Red Bull can!

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