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Stupid Carbon

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By pikey - Posted on 07 February 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

The retrieval is complete!

Now for some duct tape then she will be good to go Eye-wink

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You should of known it was never meant to be when it didnt whant to go in in the first place.

Two components that I will never have on my bikes - Carbon railed seat and or a carbon seat post not even sure a carbon handlebar is a good idea either.

Would it have broken if it was black and not gay white.

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All fair comments Eye-wink

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Now go and wash your see through Nix honey!

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Pikey, you are the last person who should be bringing that subject up. I spent all last night scrubbing my eyeballs with domestos and a wire brush, trying in vain to remove the sight of your see through grey nicks that had been burnt into my retinas.

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I wondered why you were hanging off my ass all ride Eye-wink

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