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re sprayed Taurine

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By GAZZA - Posted on 02 February 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

someone on this site is a very talented man! cant say his name as everyone will want a new sprayjob! i'm very happy with what he's done with a tired old Taurine frame of mine!

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I wonder who, mmm. this looks familiar Eye-wink
Carbon Fibre Paint Job Carbon Epoxy Primer

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Naa - looks awesome Gaz! Much prefer this colour scheme to the old one...

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another person who made up the custom size cannondale stickers, although there is only paint on this frame the stickers were needed as a template to spray around for the lettering. I wont say this persons name either for fear of more 'favours' being asked. I know he went out of the way to help so thanks again!

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Nice job!
Surely it would have been ok to spray over the cannodale stickers! Eye-wink ..I might have some "Giant" lying around!!

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I'd would have left the brand name off, unless they want to pay you money to parade their brand around.

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i happen like and stand behind the brand and a taurine has a good racing pedigree so if i'm trying to spruce up an old frame why would i leave it completely blank and have people think its some off the shelf generic brand?

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Cannondale riders/owners actually like the brand...

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Looks like a sweet job mate.. Is it 2 pack?

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i just gave it away and it came back like this! Magic!

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a Giant Yukon with Canondale stickers on it Eye-wink

I'd check the serial number Gazza Smiling

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