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Rocky Trail MTB Grand Prix - Race 2, Awaba

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By trailburner - Posted on 11 August 2009

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Saturday, 26 September, 2009 - 09:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

4 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Awaba State Forest
Meeting Point: 

Just up Jenkins Road from corner with Mount Faulk Road. See HMBA - Awaba Mountainbike Park for details.

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

The second MTB GP held together with the Hunter Mountain Bike Association in the fantastic new Awaba MTB park. A qualifying session will determine the start grid.

Who's in?
Rob, trailburner, dangersean, psd
Rob trailburner dangersean psd
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Laps Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
Rob This track rocks but 4hrs is enough!? Finished 8 03:41:22 Male Solo 20
psd Awaba MTB GP Finished 7 03:41:21 Male Solo 25

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Couple points... anyone know how long the lap will be?

And anyone want to car share from LNS?

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Check out the google earth KMZ file on the website:

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I'm in lane cove, happy to car share. My car or yours but I need to pick up a bike rack number plate for mine and I'm not sure if it's at the RTA (i've ordered but left it a bit long to collect) I will check tomorrow if you're interested. Would of course chip in for petrol if we took your car.

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Hi guys,
thanks for coming out to race. We had a blast putting it on. Loved every minute of it. Results are now up on our website (hit refresh or F5 if it doesn't show right away)

I would have posted them sooner, but I loved the track so much that I decided to camp out there and do the club round today. Got smashed in B-grade but had a lot of fun and it took a while clean all our equipment from all the dust when I got home.

I am also uploding some photos to

Peter Blakeman also took a whole lot:

We will open registration to the Stromlo round soon and lower the prices across all categories. See you in Canberra.

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Gordo is back & wins the Solo title at the
Rocky Trail MTB Grand Prix #2 at Awaba
Race Report & Wrap up

The second round of the Rocky Trail MTB Grand Prix was held at Awaba in Sydney’s North last weekend. The Rocky Trail crowd saw a lot of familiar faces in the event centre – Grand Prix “veterans” who had raced with us at Yellomundee before and the Solo Men’s contesters got a their fair share of competition with 2006 24 Hour MTB World Champion Craig Gordon.

The Qualifying
The day started off with the infamous qualifying round – a 1.8km quick lap around the event centre. The fastest individual lap time was taken out by Alex Pung from the Male Team 2 “Team Staunch” with 4 min. 42, closely followed by his team mate Timothy Doman (4 min. 46) and Craig Gordon with 4 min. 48.

The qualifying got everyone’s heart rate up, before the race was started at 12:03pm and everyone was in for an honest 4-hour race. The fastest riders in each category started in Pole Position and then every 30 seconds another group of riders was sent out onto the 7km track that was in immaculate shape thanks to the guys from HMBA (Hunter MTB Association). After ten groups there was a mass start for the remaining riders. This provided the first starters with a clear track and the later groups a smooth start into the race.

The Race
The spectators certainly were in for a good show. The Solo Women battled it out with Sarah Neumann, Charlie McCabe and Julie Witcombe fighting fiercely for the podium positions. The final result saw Charlie McCabe 18 minutes ahead of Sarah Neumann, both with 9 laps and Julie Witcombe in third with 8 completed laps.

In the Male Team 2, Team Staunch with Alex Pung (who also rode the fastest male lap for the day with 18 min. 51) and Timonthy Doman took out the win with 13 laps and coming in second by about 5 ½ minutes overall behind Craig Gordon. The Mixed Team 2 category saw the fastest women for the day, Tracey Robinson (25 min. 41) win with racing partner Jason Head and 10 laps. In the Male Team 3, “shanebradsteve” won by 2 laps over the MTB Grand Prix “veteran team”, the FOB’s.

In the Solo Male category, with consistent 19 minute laps, Craig Gordon quickly took the lead with three completed laps after an hour, followed by James Collins, Gavin Powell, Ross Cairns, Glenn Stojanow, Matthew Reekie and Daniel McDonald – all within a minute of each other on two laps! After three hours (Gordo was ahead by a lap), three riders were fighting it out for the podium positions: within a minute, just-turned 16-year old Daniel McDonald, Glenn Stojanow and Matthew Reekie raced through timing, being sent out on yet another lap by a cheering crowd. The final result – Craig Gordon smashed out a massive 13 laps in 4 hrs 15 min, followed by Matthew Reekie with 11 laps in 3 hrs 59 min and an outstanding third youngster Daniel McDonald coming in with 11 laps 4 minutes after him. The 11-lap results for 4th, 5th and 6th where all within a minute of each other – outstanding racing that begs for “revenge” at Stromlo, we think!

For detailed racing results go to

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also has craft from nobmob on your tail.

who is he? He rode the 'social' 50 at mogo with Pikey & Blondie

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