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dungog 3 hr

I left home at 7:00am for the 1 hour drive to dungog for the club 3 hour at dungog when l got there l set up paid the enter and went for a recy lap and it was all so my warm up l rode in C grade and l had a greet start got up in with the B graders and stayed here the hole race had a great ride with some of the B graders for the hole race l got a big 5 laps in to take out the C grade win

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race results

10th in my first 8 hour about 3 year ago

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awaba track

has anyone been to awaba track this week to check it out to see what the track is like for the 8 1/4 hour this weekend

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hot lap's

hot lap 1h 02min but was just crussing around the red and it was the long way up the camal climb awaba

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